Sound Events


Nov 9, 2012

American SWAT Solutions will be holding the 1st annual Irondog K-9 Trials. This event will attract police officers from around Oklahoma and the surrounding states. This is a great event for the community of Muskogee because it will allow the residents of Muskogee to get to know their local law enforcement agencies at a different level. The residents will have a great time talking with their police officers and learn how these K-9's work, side-by-side, with their human counterparts.

This event will be held on November 9th through November 10th. November 9th will be closed to the public but November 10th will be open to the public. November 10th will be free of charge to whomever wishes to attend. The spectators will enjoy two of the three competitions, which will include an agility course and an area search. The one event that will be closed to the public will be the drug/narcotics search (for obvious reasons).

There will be events for the children on November 10th. These events will include inflatables and concessions. There will be a lot of booths at the event also. The inflatables will cost 5 dollars for a day pass. We will be holding this event at the Muskogee Fairgrounds.

 This event will be a fun one for the community. There will be all kinds of activities available for all ages. We hope everyone will join us!