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Wednesday, March 6th - Computer Literacy Training Hosted by Creek County Literacy Program

Mar 6, 2013

New to Computers? Come learn the basics at our Free Computer Literacy workshop.

Calvin Barnett, Computer Literacy / Technology Coordinator with the Creek County Literacy Program, will educate area residents in March on Computer Literacy. Barnett will cover computer basics for the new user, including what is a computer, understanding the operation of a computer, how Windows and Macintosh work, and understanding the internet.

Technology is all around us, from televisions in our home to smart phones that we use daily. We live in a digital age and use many forms of technology to look for jobs, learn educational courses online, and even order our favorite movie from the store. Having basic computer skills will increase one’s knowledge of the vast technology information available as well as give insight as to what the future of technology holds for us all.

“This workshop is provided to help beginners build learning skills in working with computers so they are able to look up jobs, maybe write a book, or even create a business. There are endless possibilities when learning and working with the many forms of technology,” explained Barnett.

“The program helps educate participants in every day technology. With the affordability and influx of smart phones and tablets, it is a much-needed workshop,” added Melissa Muncy, Executive Director of Creek County Literacy Program.

The Computer Literacy Training workshop will be held Wednesday, March 6 from 9am to 11:30am in the Library Annex, 15 North Poplar Street in Sapulpa. This free workshop is open to the public. Space is limited. To register, please call 918-224-9647.

23% of adults in Creek County 18 years or older do not have a high school diploma, and 6% of adults in Creek County 18 years or older do not have a 9th grade education. More than 400,000 Oklahoma adults are functionally illiterate. The Mission of the Creek County Literacy Program is to encourage, educate and equip aspiring readers to overcome the barriers of illiteracy.

For more information contact Calvin Barnett at 918-224-9647.